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Terms & Conditions

• Personal Data Protection: Processing and protection of the personal data of this website’s users are subject to the rules set out by the national, European, and international law for the processing of personal data. Manifest Hospitality uses an electronic contact form, where the user/visitor may of their own volition provide certain personal data, such as their full name, their email, their telephone number, etc. These data are collected solely for the processing of their request and further communication and service to the visitor/user, for as long as may be necessary. Personal data collected may be communicated or transmitted to third parties, in the event that this is mandated by lawful obligations or is necessary for the fulfillment of purposes and services on the website, on condition that the relevant legislation is respected. We may assign to natural or legal entities certain services and functionalities of the website, such as online bookings. These entities are only provided with such personal data as are necessary for the fulfillment of the assigned services and all entities involved are legally bound to us by confidentiality and the safe processing of your personal data. The visitor/user may seek further information with respect to the personal data processing and protection at Personal Data Protection Policy on this website. The visitor/user of this website may contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) of Manifest Hospitality in order to be updated about the record of their personal data and to exercise his rights (such as correction, updating, deletion, etc.) at [email protected].

• Limitation of Liability The purpose of this website is the optimal transmission of information to the visitor/user. Manifest Hospitality makes every effort to achieve complete and technically seamless and secure functionality of this website, without however providing any guarantee that its services and individual web pages will be seamlessly available and without errors or that this website or any other relative website or its servers via which the content is made available to the visitors/users is virus-free or devoid of any other malware. Manifest Hospitality is not responsible for any mistakes, omissions, or other deficiencies, delays, or interruptions in the transmission of data via the website or for any actions that pertain to the exploitation of this data or derive from it. Manifest Hospitality does not guarantee and is not responsible for the accuracy, correctness, or completeness, and updating of the content of this website.

• Cookies Policy: During navigation on this website, Manifest Hospitality may collect user identification data using all relevant technologies, such as cookies and/or monitoring of Internet Protocol addresses (IP). Cookies are small text strings sent to the browsing application by a website visited by the user. Cookies are used to facilitate the website in storing information relevant to the user’s visit, such as e.g. your preferred language, the storing of your preferences, with respect to safe browsing, the calculation of user traffic, or the expedited registration to our services.

• By using this website, you agree with the use of cookies, in accordance with the above. If you do not agree with the use of cookies, you have to adjust the settings of your browser accordingly (see next paragraph).

• How to control cookies: You may control or delete cookies, depending on your preferences. You may find details ataboutcookies.org. You may delete all cookies that are already stored on your computer, and you may also customize most browsers to prevent the installation of cookies. However, in this event, you may have to manually customize certain preferences, each time you visit a website. The user may use the website without issues and without the use of cookies, but there may be a usability issue with respect to the functionality of certain services on the website.

• Use of third-party websites: This website may contain links to other websites. Our website has no control over the availability, content, personal data privacy policy, quality, and completeness of services of other websites to which it directs via links, hyperlinks, or banners and may not be held responsible for them. Our website does not by any means endorse or accept the content or services of the websites and web pages to which it directs or with which it is linked in any other manner. Manifest Hospitality does not guarantee and bears no responsibility with respect to the content and the functionality of links which are available through it or to which it directs.

• Intellectual Property: The naming of the source of every photograph used (moral right) is mandatory and independent of any other terms of the license for exploitation in the form of a link to www.manifesthotel.gr.

• Applicable Law: The Terms and Conditions of use of this website, as well as any other amendment or change thereof are mandated by the national, European, and international law. The provisions of the terms of use that may oppose the aforementioned legal scope are automatically in effect and will be removed from the website, without any impact on the effect of the remaining terms of use.

• Contact: In order to address issues about the content of the website or for any relevant matters/requests, please send an email to [email protected]