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Experience Distinct Natural Beauty

Set on a rugged landscape of distinct natural beauty, the Manifest Boutique Hotel rests on the foothills of Mount Taygetos, named after the mythic nymph Taygete. The hotel, which is located in the renowned region of Mani, is immersed in the natural surroundings with unveiling earthy tones and colors that are combined with the sun-soaked coastline, while the Mediterranean Sea lies on the vast horizon tantalizing your senses to a unique experience.

The hotel complex is built of local stone and wood complying with the ascetic architecture of the region. All 18 suites offer a private terrace and staggering views of the nearby town of Limeni and the Mediterranean Sea. Relax and unwind in a tranquil environment and indulge in the legacy of Greek hospitality renowned for the passion to serve.

Taste the traditional local flavors combined with the Mediterranean cuisine, which when accompanied by the local selection of wines it can result in a unique culinary balance experienced in our restaurants and bars while the pool unfolds an infinite view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Your Safety – Our Mission

Following the Covid-19 health crisis, our hotel operations have been adapted to guarantee safety for our customers and compliance with the regulations. Additional cleaning and hygiene measures have been implemented and some procedures are adapted in accordance. These changes may affect some services.

Our Location

Located at Karavostasi in the town of Oitylo, the nearest airport is a 1-hour and 15-minute drive. Nearby sites include the picturesque town of Limeni, the stalagmite and stalactite caves of Diros, and an array of beaches and scenic coves. In the local area there is an abundant choice of restaurants and bars offering local delicacies and vibrant nightlife.

Driving Directions & Map

For The Love Of Mani

A landscape of stark beauty carved in stone by the winds and the sea probes a unique environment yet very appealing to all who visit. Mountainous landscapes over breathtaking views of coves that simply coexist with the rugged coastline and sun-soaked beaches. Small settlements unveil distinct local architecture with traditional tower houses and countless old Byzantine churches. The earth uncovers caves of stalagmite and stalactite wonders of nature, while others were used as shelter during the Neolithic era. The fertile soil yields prickly pears, olive trees that excrete the renowned Greek olive oil, while Pomegranate fruit which is found in abundance is the symbol of wellbeing and fertility. The people are of proud heritage since being descendants of ancient Sparta, tend to hold deep roots in the Greek traditions, customs, pride but above all, hospitality.