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Manifest Dream Weddings, Charm, and Inspiration in Scenic Wild Beauty

Plan Your Dream Wedding With Our Team

Located in the southern part of the Peloponnese, the region of Mani unfolds a scenic landscape of wild beauty in coexistence with its distinct architecture comprised of stone and wood that is influenced through the ages while the rich culture and history all blend to make your fairy tale wedding come true.

Famous for its tradition in culture and gastronomy, the mountainous terrain yields an array of unique herbs and spices, citrus fruits, and olive groves extending to the sun-soaked coastline. Pomegranate is in abundance in every garden as a symbol of wellbeing and fertility. All the elements constitute a lavish choice of local cuisine rich in tastes and flavors enabling your guests and you to embark on a unique culinary voyage.

The Manifest Hotel offers a poolside venue with a capacity of 350 guests with infinite view of the cove of Oitylo and the picturesque town of Limeni, while the azure colors of the Mediterranean create an endless backdrop.

Tailor-made menu and décor can meet and exceed expectations. We provide an array of equipment and by closely working with preferred partners we can accommodate any kind of request. Also, through the inspiration of our team of professionals with over 25 years of expertise in the field of on-site and off-site catering events, we are able to provide guidance and recommendations to ensure a flawless event. The authentic service in Greek hospitality, coupled with the distinct view and environment, guarantee to create magical moments on your special day.DOWNLOAD PDF