The Caves of Diros consist of the caves Vlychada and Alepotrypa. Its existence has been known to the locals since about 1900. It was discovered in 1989 by Petros Arapakis, but the exploration was officially started in 1949 by the founders of the Hellenic Speleological Society, Giannis and Anna Petrocheilou.
By 1960, 1,600 meters had been explored and mapped, while today the known length of the cave exceeds 15 kilometers. The findings of the caves include fossilized bones of hippo, panther, hyena, lion, etc.

The biggest part of the cave is covered with sea water with the water level inside to change depending on the external weather conditions. The cave can be visited in a total length of 3100 m. The sea section tour is held by boats and the experience is unique.
The images you will see during the 45′ tour are really impressive. A stone forest unfolds in front of your eyes and after your journey with the colorful stalactites, you may follow some great monuments, such as the monument of the Unknown Sailor and the Pluto Palace.

The cave of Alepotrypa was discovered in 1958. Studies have shown that there were houses here during the Neolithic era. Among the findings are human skeletons and skulls, animal skeletons, tools, vessels. Most of them are on display at the Neolithic Museum of Diros.